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Supplier Source Inspection Service

AMREP is a 3rd party supplier source inspector. Our quality inspectors inspect a supplier for:

  • Supplier conformance to Customer quality standards conformance
  • Supplier conformance to technical requirements
  • Supplier conformance to Corrective Action Reports
  • Supplier functional testing and Material quality

This service is available in Asia, USA, Mexico, South America, Hungary, Czech Republic and Ireland.

Source inspection is your added assurance that your suppliers deliver a quality product on time with minimal defects. Source inspection is a component of our Supplier Quality Control (SQC) service on outsourced suppliers. Our SQC activities include using our services to survey and evaluate the supplier’s quality assurance methods and to use a Quality Inspection Team to inspect different products at different suppliers.

AMREP Source Inspection Services help to:

  • Reduce your poor quality costs
  • Eliminate the need to hire a local employee
  • Allow you to use our Quality Inspector as and only when needed.

  1. Using AMREP Six-Sigma for Suppliers
  2. Supplier Procurement Management
For more information contact:
Isabel Ingco
USA: +1 800 692 8539