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Supplier Quality Control on External Suppliers

Supplier Quality Control (SQC) on External Suppliers is a method where you use AMREP to ensure that you get a reliable supplier and a supplier’s conformance to your quality expectations and specifications. An AMREP Supplier Quality Auditor can be deployed by your quality or procurement departments to conduct a Supplier Quality Assurance, Process System evaluation and capabilities assessment. Or you can instruct AMREP to assemble a Supplier Product Inspection Team to do a line and product inspection of a variety of products that the supplier is assembling for you. Perhaps you may want AMREP to do a sample review before production begins.

Your primary goal is to monitor the supplier and to get it to improve the quality of the products that you are buying. You can make your supplier effective when your presence is felt. AMREP has a range of quality personnel that include Production Quality Teams, Supply Auditors, Supply Inspectors and Technical Specialists that can be selected for their specialized skills, matching a Supplier Quality problem and your supplier needs. There is no necessity for your company to assign a current employee overseas continuously or to hire a local employee. AMREP has the employees you can draw on.

  1. Using AMREP Six-Sigma for Suppliers
  2. Supplier Procurement Management
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