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Effective Outsourced Supplier Management Company
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Many companies have moved into strategic outsourcing with its primary focus on manufacturing suppliers in China. Strategic outsourcing as is understood in the US includes:

  1. Identifying potential suppliers
  2. Requesting Quotations
  3. Analyzing preliminary expenses
  4. Negotiating contracts
  5. Monitoring and Improving Suppliers

These are written up in articles in the ASQ Quality Progress magazine by members. However, there are missing links in some understanding of how to make Asian suppliers operate well in the US conceptualization and perception of "supplier partnerships" and "successful supply chains".

For Chinese suppliers you must have smart supplier identification, qualification and quality systems audit. AMREP has been called in many times by customers who found the wrong suppliers or are working with suppliers who are based on "what you see is not what you get".

You need to know and plan how to handle the following:

  • Supplier Risks Avoidance
  • Supplier Risks Control
  • Supplier Replacement

AMREP does plenty of customer work on "monitoring and improving" Asian suppliers. It gets more complicated in the newly emerging factories and industries of New China. "Monitoring and Improving" suppliers for customers using outsourced suppliers is coping with unexpected and surprising supplier quality and manufacturing problems.

  1. Automotive Parts Inspection
  2. Inspecting PDA's and Cell Phone Production
  3. Outsourcing Blackholes in China and Everywhere
  4. Qualifying FDA Bio-medical Suppliers
  5. Effective Outsourced Supplier Management
  6. Don't be Trapped by a Supplier
To know more about bad Asian suppliers' manufacturing practices:
Derrick Go, Snr. VP Business Development, Global Services
USA: +1 800 692 8539

For more information on RIsk Avoidance contact:
Isabel Ingco
USA: +1 800 692 8539


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