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Automotive Parts Inspection

Our Engineered Products Division is our specialist in automotive parts inspection . Automotive parts outsourcing from Thailand, Malaysia, India and China has been growing rapidly. Due to the presence of automotive assembly and manufacturing plants in Thailand and China, there has been a large build up of automotive supporting industries. Many of these factories are transplants from Taiwan, Malaysia and the US. However, new customers in emerging economies like China, India and Thailand mean new supplier problems because of the new inexperienced workforce and limited skilled management. Our customers currently include US and European automotive parts suppliers to GM, FORD, and Daimler Chrysler. AMREP has also been receiving requests for quality work  and supplier improvement services from some of the major automotive makers that bought over the Korean automotive companies. Have a look at some of the products/components that we are presently working on:

  • Rubber parts ( rubber seals, padding, floor mats, rubber shock absorbers, rubber bushings )
  • Cast iron parts ( water pumps, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks )
  • Extrusions and die- casted parts ( piston rings, piston heads, alloy heads )
  • Electro-Mechanical ( wiring harnesses, seat mechanisms, electric motors, switches)
  • Electronics ( dashboard circuitry, sensors)
  • Interior furnishings.
  • Plastics
  • Precision machined and stamped metal parts

Personnel utilized for this work must have an automotive products background.

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