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Supplier Quality is our Business

AMREP's knowledge about managing and controlling supplier quality comes from its 7-10 years of working with IBM International Procurement Offices in Asia. In 1983 AMREP became the primary Supplier Quality Team that was deployed at various supplier locations in Asia to ensure that product quality was consistent and controlled. We learned much from working with IBM which was further improved by working with other major corporations such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Seagate, Maxtor, Siemens, Philips and Creative Technologies.From working with suppliers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korean, and Japanese manufacturers that operate in different countries AMREP know how to:
  • To find a good supplier
  • How to check them out
  • Managing by Being Around (MBA)
  • Putting into place Customer Quality Control Plan
  • Getting the supplier to work with us
  • Inspecting as much as we can until the supplier is good
  • Getting the supplier to know that AMREP is an asset, not a liability.

AMREP did in depth supplier manufacturing audits that include line and process audits for these customers. AMREP Product Quality Inspection Teams perform 100% product inspection or selective random product inspection. Customers also contract AMREP Supplier Quality Engineers to do first article inspection that undertake product tear down for root cause analysis (FMEA) of problematic components or design. We also implemented STS (ship –to-stock) that included implementing corrective action programs and training supplier staff on better quality methods with clearly defined customer/supplier objectives. There are a total of 20 years supplier experience and products which your company can draw on.

To know more about what AMREP can do for your company in working with your new supplier contact AMREP for customer referrals or talk to a customer who has used AMREP.

  1. Supplier Quality is our Business
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For more information contact:
Isabel Ingco
USA: +1 800 692 8539