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Fixing a Supplier Production Problem or Else

The customer wanted a ‘COMPLETE AMREP QUALITY TEAM' to solve the production and quality problem of a supplier in Taiwan. This team had to include:

  • An AMREP Level 4 Manufacturing Specialist
  • An AMREL Level 3 Systems and Methods Specialist
  • 2 AMREP Level 2 Process and Inspection Specialist
  • 15 AMREP Level 1 Quality Inspectors
The request was urgent because for several months the Customer Quality Assurance VP of the company making sophisticated headsets was unable to bring about quality improvements. There were too many rejects and the customers were furious. The US Headset President gave a US$1m budget for the VP Quality to fix the supplier’s problem or “else he had to take a forever vacation”. In addition to the customer’s technical team, AMREP gathered our best specialists with the special skills from our different offices in Asia. Together they formed a team and went in with the customer to take charge of the production quality. The supplier gave up control of the production line running the customer’s products. Their production manager had to step aside and we took responsibility. We re-organized the quality controls, worked with our customer’s technical and engineering specialists, and trained the workers and supervisors on the quality requirements. In about 3 months the quality had improved greatly. Our customer was satisfied and the production line was returned to the supplier’s production management to manage the customer’s products.

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For more information contact:
Ben Chee
USA: +1 312 994 2442