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When is a Supplier not the Supplier?

When the factory owner does not know that his factory management owns other factories! This is a supplier that you have entered into a production contract with. You will be puzzled by the consistent poor quality defects and the unco-operative nature of the factory management. You will not be aware that the components and sub-assemblies are being produced elsewhere. AMREP had hard disk drive customers whose supplier at Banyan Lapas, Penang, Malaysia had a management team consisting of the VP Production, VP Quality and VP. Manufacturing were making money from the supplier and the customer. We only knew the reason for the resistance to quality improvement when one of the managers boasted about his cleverness to our rather attractive customer quality representative. No wonder there was such strong resistance to our quality interference.

And there was the Singapore Company that bought television sets from an established Chinese factory in Shenzhen. The quality was bad and it looked bad. The reason for losing money was because the Singapore Company was unaware that they had opened a purchase order to the supplier’s manager who owned an unlicensed factory somewhere else in Shenzhen.

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