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Good Supplier Management vs Simple
Pre-shipment Inspection

There is a difference between just pre-shipment inspection done by inspection companies specializing in simple inspection before delivery and AMREP which work within the scope of what we understand about supplier management, supply base and supply chain development. Pre-inspection for most inspection companies is about counting packing and packaging, number count and making sure that you are not getting a container load of stones instead of the consumer products that you buy. Supplier Management is about looking for the right supplier, evaluating its technical and production capabilities, its management attitudes, and other things that make the supplier a better supplier. Its about helping the customers Avoid Supplier Problems, Improving the Supplier or Switching Suppliers. Pre-shipment inspection is OK if you are dealing with the supplier on a one order only basis or for a simple, inexpensive and common product. AMREP can help you put into place a Supplier Management Program into your Strategic Sourcing Program or Supply Base Management.

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